Kardia Formation

Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential

4 Day Workshop – Margaret Silf

 FutureThe future is within us

May 14 – May 17 2018  9am – 5pm
Venue:  Kardia Formation P/L 197-199 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn
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A four-day workshop to explore some of the directions that are emerging in today’s world as we journey spiritually towards the future, striving to become the best version of humanity we have the potential to become.

Each day will focus on a specific theme, as outlined below, but will also offer participants the opportunity to reflect, individually and together, and to engage in conversation around the issues that emerge.

We will explore the following topics, and remain open to whatever emerges from our days of discernment together:

Monday May 14th

Is humanity going anywhere? Is spiritual evolution a reality or just a dream? What light do the insights of Teilhard de Chardin shed on this question and what do they mean for us in our lived experience? To what extent are we the co-creators of our own future?

The future is within us, waiting to come to birth, as a pregnant woman carries an unborn child, which she must both nourish and protect. How are we nourishing this future? How can we avoid poisoning it?

Tuesday May 15th

The story we tell ourselves, about ourselves and the world, significantly shapes the way we live and relate to each other. If you change the story, you change perceptions, and if you change perceptions you change the world.

The stories are changing rapidly in our present times. Some of these changes are being forced upon us, others are changes we ourselves are making.

What story about ourselves are we living by, and how is that changing?
What stories about God are changing?
What stories about the world are changing?

Today is a chance to reflect critically on these changing stories. When we choose to live by a particular story, that story becomes real, it becomes ‘incarnate’. Which stories do we want to incarnate in our world, and which might we want to resist?

Wednesday May 16th

Our environment shapes us more than we realise. Geography still holds more power than politics over the way we live on planet earth. The geography and the history of Australia shape the present and guide the future of this land.

What do we need to learn about ‘listening to the land’, hearing the wisdom of the natural world, finding the right relationship with our environment and our history?

An emerging theme in spirituality, especially in Australia, is the importance of indigenous wisdom. What tensions does this present and what fruits is it bearing?

Thursday May 17th

For many people now the spiritual journey is no longer (or never has been) affiliated to a traditional church or indeed to any of the established faith traditions.

How does spirituality find expression when these former channels are no longer helpful? In what directions is the river of spirituality flowing now, and how can this new generation of spiritual seekers be most effectively nourished and supported.

On Thursday afternoon we will also gather the fruits of these days, and reflect on what we are discovering about the future we are carrying, and how we will continue to bring it to birth, in ourselves, in others, and in our world.