Kardia Formation

Call For Papers/Workshop Proposals – Summit



Objectives for conference:                                                                                        Print this page

Imagining a spiritually expansive world requires that we are edge people looking outwards to what might be and looking inwards to the creative capacities latent and potent within each one of us. This summit invites you to stand at that edge and dream together with Margaret Silf as we imagine and explore how we can participate in God’s expansive world.

Possible themes:

The following list of possible themes for workshop/paper presentation proposals is intended as a guide only. We welcome your suggestions and encourage you to propose ideas from your own research and experience relevant to the central Summit theme of imagining the self in a spiritually expansive world:

  •           The prophet in contemporary society
  •           The experience of transformation
  •           Imagining spirituality in a secular world
  •           The evolution of call
  •           Spiritual formation
  •           Contemplative practice in everyday living
  •           Spiritual direction and the arts
  •           Spiritual direction in the 21st century
  •           Listening to God; listening to self
  •           We are all one

Submission guidelines:

Submissions should be no more than three A4 pages including the following information:

  •           Title: the title of the proposed workshop;
  •           Short Description: a 150-word summary that makes clear to potential attendees the significance of the workshop topic and what will be gained from attendance. The title and short description will appear in the promotional material if your proposal is selected;
  •           Bios: short professional bios of around 50 words for each workshop leader. These bios will appear in the promotional material if your proposal is selected. Please include a current photograph of all presenters;
  •           Workshop Rationale: a 500-word description of the learning objectives of the workshop, organization and delivery plan for the session to reach expected outcomes;
  •           Duration and Size: the proposed duration (between 45 and 75 minutes), planned format including time given % presentation, %reflection, %discussion and maximum number of participants; and,
  •           Special Requests: Audiovisual equipment or room set-up requests. Any special supplies will need to be provided by workshop organizers.


  •           Workshop proposals: 31 October 2017
  •           Notification of Acceptance: 30 November 2017
  •           Final paper/workshop details: 30 April 2018.
  •           Presentation at Summit: 18 – 20 May 2018.

Submission of Proposals

Proposals should be submitted by email to enquiries@kardia.com.au prior to the 31 October 2017.

Marlene Marburg and Bernadette Miles.