Kardia Formation

Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential

PD for Spiritual Directors

The Poetic and Spiritual Direction

(Date to be advised)
Cost:  $65 (BYO lunch)
Facilitator: Marlene Marburg
Venue:  Kardia Formation, Suite 1, 198-199 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn VIC  3101

The poetic way that a person listens to the world of nature, events and relationships is similar to the listening which is required in the spiritual direction relationship. This day workshop offers input, reflection and conversation which emphasizes the role of attending to the present moment.  To make a booking contact Kardia

Spiritual Direction in the 21st Century

Entry by donation (suggested $25 – $40)

These conversations are open to spiritual directors and those interested in the ministry of spiritual direction either as givers or receivers.

At Kardia
10am – 1pm
Via Skype
11am -12.30pm
7 Feb 17 “The Christian Life in Evolution” we will consider the work of Ilia Delio of her work and Christianity’s changing images of God in the cosmic story.
7 Mar 17 An explorative conversation regarding relationship between spiritual director and directee.
4 Apr 17 The conversation will be on attachment styles and their implications for spiritual direction.  There is a short audio recording to listen to prior to the session. If you would like to join us, email Bernie and she will send you a link for the preparatory material. These conversations are open to spiritual directors and experienced directees.
2 May 17 Dadirri – deep listening. Aboriginal people practice deep listening, an almost spiritual skill, based on respect. Sometimes called ‘dadirri’, deep listening is inner, quiet, still awareness, and waiting.
6 Jun 17 5 Jun 17 Spiritual Direction without Religious Borders – We will consider Teillhard de Chardin’s thesis that what the world needs now is a new religion of the earth; that the purpose inter-religious dialogue ought be to find our common all; and explore what impact this might have on the ministry of spiritual direction.  Register now for pre-reading material.
4 Jul 17 3 Jul 17 To be advised
1 Aug 17 21 Jul 17 To be advised
5 Sep 17 4 Sep 17 To be advised
10 Oct 17 9 Oct 17 To be advised

The practice of spiritual direction is an ancient tradition found in most religions in some 2014-09-24 07.34.52form or another. Throughout the human history, individuals have been called to accompany others seeking the Mystery we call God – but what does this look like in the 21st Century.  Otto Scharmer claims that humanity has entered into an ‘Age of Disruption.’  Our moment of disruption deals with death and rebirth.  How can spiritual direction support humanity in navigating the challenges of the 21st Century.  What needs to be allowed to die and what can we midwife into life.

Ignatian spiritual direction offers contemplative and generative listening and questioning wherein the spiritual director and the spiritual directee are attentive and responsive to their interior experience of Mystery in their midst. Ignatian spiritual direction contemplatively and actively seeks to help a person grow in relationship with God as Mystery in all things, at the same time as nurturing a deepening personal sense of identity, vocation and mission.

Human beings are gifted with a human spirit, which both enables and compels them to search for identity, meaning and a sense of belonging in their world. Spirituality is each person’s conscious attention to engage in practices that allow them to explore, reflect and integrate into daily life, a sense of whom they know themselves to be, and how they belong in community. Christian spirituality involves making a choice for growth in light of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by being centred on the Gospels and forming community as the Body of Christ, following his example of what it means to be fully human.     MAKE A BOOKING