Kardia Formation

Eight-Day Retreat (silent directed)

StJoseph 419 to 26 November 2017 at the  St Joseph’s by the Sea, Williamstown.

We offer you the beautiful grounds of St Joseph’s by the Sea, space, silence and spiritual direction in which you can rest and reconnect to the source of life.

The eight-day retreat is a privileged time when we can tune out the noise and distractions of our regular routines in order to more intentionally focus on our relationship with God. You will meet with your director daily for spiritual conversation.

The cost of this eight day retreat is $1,350.

It is also possible to make a shorter retreat during this time. For more information or to make a booking contact Kardia

St Joseph’s by the Sea is located at 16 Esplanade Williamstown right on the beachfront.  Surrounded by beautiful walks, parks and lots of space for you to rest and pray.   There are 6 spacious retreat bedrooms, all with ensuites,  beautifully renovated chapel, library, sitting rooms, modern kitchen facilities and spacious dining room.  During this retreat there will be no formal meal times, rather you will be free to get your own meals in your own time.

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