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Spiritual Direction on the Edge

Please note that these conversations will be put on hold during 2021 as we join our mentors in the Expanding Perspectives on Spiritual Direction series of conversations.

Are you a spiritual director who would like to connect with other spiritual directors working on the edges of this ministry?   We would like to invite you to join us in a conversation in which we will explore the changing shape of our shared ministry and seek ways in which we can support each other in developing the ministry of spiritual direction. Join us at Kardia or via Zoom online to engage with each other in rich conversation. (Entry by donation)

It would be helpful if we can have some indication if you are able to attend prior to each meeting so that we can prepare.
In our first meeting, both groups resoundingly expressed a desire to continue to meet with the following understanding:
  • The groups would remain open to anyone who wished to join
  • Participants are free to come and go as they are able
  • Participants can move between either the online or face-to-face group as they are able
  • The format will be conversational
  • Each participant is invited to consider what new edge experiences they have experienced since our last meeting, and what are the challenges and invitations we are facing
  • Participants are welcome to give a donation for attendance
    • Via the donation box in the entry foyer at Kardia
    • Or by direct credit to:
      • Account name     Kardia Formation Pty Ltd
        BSB   063113
        Account Number:  1112 2572

These conversations are open to spiritual directors and those interested in the ministry of spiritual direction either as givers or receivers. Spiritual direction offers contemplative and generative listening and questioning wherein the spiritual director and the spiritual directee are attentive and responsive to their interior experience of Mystery in their midst. Ignatian spiritual direction contemplatively and actively seeks to help a person grow in relationship with God as Mystery in all things, at the same time as nurturing a deepening personal sense of identity, vocation and mission.

The practice of spiritual direction is an ancient tradition found in most religions in some

2014-09-24 07.34.52form or another. Throughout the human history, individuals have been called to accompany others seeking the Mystery we call God – but what does this look like on the edge?


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