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Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential

Dr Bernadette Miles

Bernie Smile faceDr Bernadette Miles
BTheol, MAppSci (Organisational Dynamics), Ph.D

AAOS Supervisor

Bernie trained in spiritual direction and theology after twenty years of computer consulting and business management and has a special interest in formation of apostolic leadership and applying the concepts of Ignatian Spirituality to Organizational Development.  She has completed the Arrupe Program for spiritual directors in the Ignatian tradition, Siloam and has 20 years experience in forming spiritual directors, supervision, spiritual direction, facilitation and retreat giving.

Bernadette completed PhD research in 2018 which explores the contribution spiritual direction in the Ignatian tradition can make to leadership and organisational development.  She is currently a Post Graduate Researcher with Stirling College at the University of Divinity.  Her book Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Portntial: Spiritual direction for Leadership and Organizational Development  is now available.  Download – Book Order Form

Have you ever wondered what releasing spiritual potential in the workplace might do for your organization? In today’s climate of colossal and incredibly fast global change, the world needs new ways to develop discerning leaders to consciously lead our community of life into the future. Though there are many books on leadership, they rarely engage the importance and relevance of spiritual development and spiritual accompaniment in organisational discernment and leadership development.     $27.00 +postage and handling.  Also available as an ebook : Amazon.com

Publications and Presentations:


Strengthening Spirit–Releasing Potential: Spiritual Direction for Leadership and Organizational Development, Pickwick Publications, EU OR, 2021.

Book Chapter:

Interviewing PhD Graduates about the Research Journey, Dr Bernadette Miles in Spiritual Direction in Australia Research and Practice, Kristen Hobby, SDI Press, Bellevue WA, 2022. (Pages 139-145)

Spiritual Direction in the Workplace: Releasing Spiritual Consciousness in  Companioning at the Edges: Exploring New Dimensions of Spiritual Direction, Ed Peter Bentley and Ann Lock, WellSpring Publications, Ashburton 2021.  (Pages 160-183)

Journal Articles:

Spiritual Direction for Teacher Wellbeing, Identity and Resilience, Coolamon Journal, Issue 8, August 2023. (Miles and Marburg)

Incarnating our Consolations Through Transformative Academic Learning. The Way Volume 54, No 1, January 2015

Make Love Not War: The Dynamic of Discernment. Conference paper presented at the An Ignatian Pilgrimage: From Personal Interiority to Shared Apostolic Vision: Hong Kong 1 December 2014. 

Ignatian Spirituality, Apostolic Creativity and Leadership in Times of Change. The Way Volume 50, No 4, October 2011.

One Body, One Spirit, One Mission: Uncovering the essential elements of empowering a collaborative ministry team.” The Proceedings of the Inaugural National Symposium of the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction. 2010 

Conference Presentations:

Spiritual direction as a resource for teacher formation, wellbeing, and resilience at the Seventh International Conference for the Study the Study of Spirituality, Waterford Ireland 2023.

How can spiritual consciousness contribute to healthy and ethical organisation culture? at NOIDA Symposium. Building Healthy and Ethical Organizational Culture 13 September 2019

Ethnographic Spiritual Direction: A Methodology for Researching Spiritual Experience in Leadership and Organizational Development at Evolving Methodologies in the Study of Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Theology Conference, Rome 2019.

International Conference on Ignatian Spirituality: An Ignatian Pilgrimage: From Personal Interiority to Shared Apostolic Vision: Hong Kong 1 December 2014.

Spiritual Directors International Cultivating Compassion April 28 — May 3, 2011

Workshop Title : Spiritual Direction as a compassionate support in organizational development.

The Ricci Legacy: Finding God in Cultures: An Ignatian Symposium to mark the 400th Anniversary of the death of Fr. Matteo Ricci SJ [1552-1610] 2 to 5 December 2010, Hong Kong

Spiritual Directors International Conference – Boston 2012.

Spiritual Classics: Spiritual Exercises- Sunday 13 July 2014

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    The first of four programs presenting the pick of our Spiritual Classics Series first broadcast in 2007, beginning with Tom Keneally on the poetry of the 19th Century Anglican turned Jesuit priest, Gerard Manley Hopkins. And Bernadette Miles on The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.

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