Kardia Formation

Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential


Kardia is Greek for ‘heart’ or ‘mind,’ and encompasses both. Kardia is mentioned  over 200 Intimacytimes in the New Testament scripture.  It is a word which holds a breadth of personal meaning including: mind, soul, interiority or inner self, desire, intention. It refers to the place in which a person experiences him or herself as authentic and centred.

All programs offered at Kardia Formation use a pedagogy which honours various epistemologies. Individually and in groups, members of the Heart Wisdom program begin by honouring the wisdom gleaned from their life experiences. They are encouraged to expand their knowing by engagement with existing research and exploration of their own areas of interests. It is the intention of the program that members will be formed to think independently and communally towards the integration of meaningful and lasting change.

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