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Expanding Perspectives for Spiritual Direction

In 2021 we will embark on a journey of spiritual conversations with mentors and leaders in the field of deep listening in the hope that we will expand our perspectives for spiritual direction.  We hope that you might be able to join us for all or part of this rich journey.  You can sign up for the whole series for just $750 or for one or more conversations.  To make a booking or to subscribe to the series.

All events will be recorded and all participants given a link to the recordings to enable you to participate in all conversations even if you have a clash of dates.

Lucy Abott TuckerA Conversation with Lucy Abbott Tucker 

Supervision of Spiritual Directors
Thursday 28th January 2021
9am – 12pm (Melbourne time zone)

Cost:  $110 (or $750 for the whole series) See moreBook Now

Supervision of spiritual directors is an essential process for the ministry of spiritual direction.  The supervision process invites the spiritual director to take time to explore what is beneath the surface: to better understand oneself, to discover how to best accompany seekers, and to acknowledge how Spirit is present and active in the spiritual direction relationship.

So how are supervisors formed?  What is unique in the process of supervision of spiritual directors as opposed to other forms of ministry supervision?  Join us in this conversation with Lucy to explore the subject of supervision of spiritual directors.


Monty WilliamsA Conversation with Monty Williams SJ  

Emerging aspects in Ignatian Spiritual Direction

10am — 12pm (Melbourne time zone)

12 February, 2021:  The Way of the Faithful: Exploring the Dynamics of Desire in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
12 March, 2021: An exploration of the Ignatian notion of “magis
16 April 2021: Emptiness: the Hospitality of God

Cost:  $220 (or $750 for the whole series)   See More /  Book Now


Ingrid RoseA Conversation with Ingrid Rose

Process, Dreaming and Quantum Consciousness for Spiritual Direction

10am – 12pm (Melbourne time zone)

7 May 2021:  What is Process?
14 May 2021:  Dreaming
21 May 2021: Quantum Consciousness

Cost:  $220 (or $750 for the whole series) See More Book Now


Jose GarciaA Conversation with
José García de Castro Valdés, SJ

The Art of Spiritual Conversation

17th June 2021:  A World in permanent communication. The miracle of conversation.

5pm – 7pm

José will offer a philosophical, theological, and poetical frame. Yes, language is a miracle! We would explore the act of communication mainly through languages. God as Word for the World…

24th June 2021:   Words and communication in Ignatian Tradition

In this session José will move into the Ignatian tradition and how the Spiritual Exercises and other Ignatian sources use words and communication.

1st July 2021:  Spiritual conversations in ourTimes. Pastoral and Friendly Approach.

This session will explore typologies of spiritual  conversation, pastoral approach to spiritual conversation and its different ways of appearing.

Cost:  $220 (or $750 for the whole series) See MoreBook Now


Margaret SilfA Conversation with Margaret Silf

3rd February, 10th March, 31 March 2022 7.00 – 9.00pm

Cost:  $220 (or $750 for the whole series)

See MoreBook Now

The Great Transformation

Probably throughout the whole course of human consciousness evolution there has been a sense of ‘something coming’. At first it was an inchoate intuition that change and growth is possible, that human beings are not finished yet, but that this potential growth is continually undermined by the forces within and beyond us that work to resist and oppose it.

In the Judaic tradition this intuition crystallised into something rather more ‘definitive’, in the explorations and explanations of the line of prophets and visionaries, often expressed in the hope of the coming of a Messiah who would change everything. More recently and more universally, the possibility of sustained transformation has taken root in soil as varied as so-called ‘new age’ spirituality, eco-awareness, the burgeoning yearning for peace and justice and the voices of poets and artists and every form of creative endeavour.

Is all this just wishful thinking, or is this promise of ‘something more’ embedded in our human spiritual DNA? And if so, where do we find ourselves now?

During these conversations I invite you to explore and share what the hope of spiritual evolution means to you, and how the global experience of meltdown during 2020 and beyond has re-shaped you, and all of us, as participants in a planetary community.

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