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José García de Castro Valdés, SJ

A Conversation with José García de Castro Valdés, SJ

The Art of Spiritual Conversation

17 and 24 June and 1 July 2021.  5pm – 7pm

Cost: $120

17th June 2021:  A World in permanent communication. The miracle of conversation.

José will offer a philosophical, theological, and poetical frame. Yes, language is a miracle! We would explore the act of communication mainly through languages. God as Word for the World…

24th June 2021:   Words and communication in Ignatian Tradition

In this session José will move into the Ignatian tradition and how the Spiritual Exercises and other Ignatian sources use words and communication.

1st July 2021:  Spiritual conversations in ourTimes. Pastoral and Friendly Approach.

This session will explore typologies of spiritual  conversation, pastoral approach to spiritual conversation and its different ways of appearing.

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About José:

Prof. José García de Castro Valdés has a degree in Hispanic Philology (Salamanca 1992) where he received his doctorate in 1999. He has a degree in Ecclesiastical Studies (Comillas 1997) and Theology (Spirituality section – Comillas 1999). Since 2000 he has been a professor at the Faculty of Theology of the U.P. Comillas Madrid where he has been teaching classes on Spiritual Theology and History of Spirituality, focusing in a special way on Ignatian spirituality and the history of the first Society of Jesus. Since 2013, he has been the Director of the Master “Ignatiana” taught at the Comillas University.

Marlene and Bernie first met José when we co-presented at a conference in Hong Kong in 2014, ‘An Ignatian Pilgrimage- From Personal Interiority to Shared Apostolic Vision.’ José combines his passion for history, Ignatian spiritually, spiritual conversation and art, to offer rich insights into the gift of spiritual conversation.  We are looking forward to spending time with José and his rich sense of humour.

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