Kardia Formation

Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential

The Leader Within – Spiritual Leadership

I can do everything with God who gives me strength  (Phil 4:13)

2, 3 ,4  August and 18, 19, 20 October 2016
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Leadership as authentic influence that creates value.  As leaders, the more we can unleash our whole capabilities – mind, body, spirit – the more value we can create within and outside of our organisations and for the world. Strengthening our inner place is a fundamental aspect to leadership. In the Christian setting, this could be understood as strengthening the kardia of leadership. Ruth Haley Barton claims that choosing to lead from the kardia:standing out

is a vulnerable approach to leadership, because the soil is more tender than the mind or the ego. This is the place where we don’t have all the answers – or at least not necessarily when everybody wants them! It is a place where we are not in control; God is. It is a place where the quickest way is not always the best way, because the transformation that is happening in us is more important than getting where we think we need to go.

This program is open to anyone who has a desire to understand more clearly how integrating spirituality with leadership practice can strengthen a person’s spirit and therefore release leadership potential.

Participants will attend two three day workshops at the offices of Kardia, have ongoing reflective reading and participate in eight spiritual direction sessions for the duration of the program (9 August – 20 October 2016).

(Spiritual directors are invited to join this program and explore in depth the role of the spiritual director in the context of leadership and organisational development. Please contact Bernadette Miles if you would like to explore this option.)