Kardia Formation

Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential

Six Day Retreat

At Home  21 – 27 March 2021

Lenten Retreat

The retreat will begin with a large group session on Sunday morning 21 March. Each day during the week we wijan-haerer-jAESf6z6-lY-unsplashll meet for group sharing on Zoom (no more than five people) with a spiritual director, and a closing large group session on Saturday 27 March 2021.  Upon registration, we will give you some simple instructions on how to access and use Zoom.

The cost of the retreat is $75 – $180.  Please decide according to your financial circumstances.  You will also need a Bible and a journal.  

We will send more details when you inquire at enquiries@kardia.com.au or you can complete the 6-day retreat Application Form and send it to Kardia now.

Photo by Jan Haerer on Unsplash

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Feedback from our recent six-day at home retreatants:

The online retreat was fantastic. It enabled me to intentionally seek a place of respite and retreat in my own home which I will continue to use moving forward. I found the same quality of connection with my fellow retreatants as I would in a workshop setting. Doing the retreat online really honoured my personal retreat space.  Brianne.

The understanding of contemplative listening of the group was amazing and the skill of director – made it feel like individual direction. Kathryn.

Thank you Bernie and Marlene. I feel your own journeys of freedom speak freedom to me. Your work has invited me into my own homecoming. Your trust in the Spirit and joy at what is unfolding in these times encourages me to trust and join this precious work.  Kylie.

Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash