Kardia Formation

Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential

“How does one digest a storm.  A little at a time. 
Art, poetry, dreaming are fragments of digestive work. 
Without this work, feelings turn against us.
What is enlivening is endangering if we cannot evolve with it.”

Michael Eigen – Emotional Storm. 2005.

Kardia was established as a response to the increasing number of people who desire spiritual formation.  It is our experience that many have found it difficult for one reason or another, to remain within mainstream Christian religious groups, and would like to seek community nevertheless.  Whatever your experience of church, you are welcome at Kardia especially to explore and grow spiritual dimensions of yourself within the context of wholeness.

At Kardia we offer companionship of empowerment for women and men through spiritual direction, Spiritual Exercises, supervision, and various programs for personal and leadership development. We invite people who seek creative ways of deepening interior awareness and we provide opportunities for transformation towards meaningful and lasting change.

While the directors have been formators in the Ignatian tradition, Kardia seeks to explore and develop ways of spiritual direction demanded by the 21st century.

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