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Spiritual Direction Definitions

As part of their work during the Heart Wisdom Program (a formation program for spiritual directors in the Ignatian tradition) our graduates are challenged to come up with their own definition for spiritual direction.  Here are some of their thoughts:

Spiritual Direction is a conversation that deepens and expands our consciousness of God’s presence and invitation to attend to what gives us more life and freedom. It supports the ongoing process of one’s own individuation and awakening to our imago dei that lies in the deepest part of our authentic Self  as God’s bAnita Embodiment of Loveeloved.  ~ Lin

Spiritual Direction is a companioning of heart to heart; a space that is inclusive, expansive and infused with radical hope; bearing witness to Divinity’s song as it emerges, takes form and flight. ~ Colleen

Embodiment of love. ~   Jac

God desires intimacy with each one of us and spiritual direction is to be present to God’s presence as I listen to the other’s story of God in their life and support them in being attentive to the wonder, mystery, love and personal communication of God. ~  Anita

It is a journey within our heart to find meaning and purpose (like the image of journey on the road to Emmaus); journey finding our true selves, and at the same time journey to grow closer to God with us and closer to those around us. Through SD we are exploring our relationship with God at deepest level.  Spiritual Direction is a space where two hearts meet in listening and accompaniment, allowing a deepening, surprises, and transformation be born in that space of arrival, becoming and life giving. ~  Lucy

Spiritual Director is a spirit-oriented, experiential, relational leader, who focuses on the movement between the Spirit, the directee, and me, in order to undo the disorder in one’s life, rediscover his/her true self in God’s eyes, nurture, discern and discover who is God, God’s love and calling in his/her life, and expand his/her positive transformational experiences to serve God and others in this world. ~  Abraham

Companioning someone, empowering them to help them find their shape, and the God in them and their purpose, and the colours that God has put on them to shine God’s glory, to really see who they are moulded to be. ~  Karen

It is a Spiritual journey, through  companioning and listening to others, to discover God from different angles and  also experience a discernment process, Consolation and Desolation, discovering God’s grace through the  interior movement together. ~   (Anonymous)

I see spiritual direction as opening up people to notice the world around them. It is a dialogue that enables people to look at the world in such a way as they notice what is in their world and the divine that wants to connect with them. Simply – deep listening.. ~  Steve