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Annette Arnold
Annette is a spiritual director and a giver of the Spiritual Exercises.  Formed in the Ignatian tradition in the Kardia Heart Wisdom program, Annette brings to this role the gits and wisdom of her years in education, counselling and leadership.  Annette is available in person in Central Queensland and on Zoom.  Contact Annette.



Mark FinlayMark Finlay

Mark was formed as a spiritual director through the program at Tabor College in Adelaide and is currently completing formation as a giver of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises through the Kardia Grace Upon Grace program. Mark brings a wealth of life and Christian ministry experience to his offering of spiritual direction. This includes many years of talking about Christian spirituality in the context of religious education in government and non-government, secondary and primary schools, through theatre and story-telling; a number of years living and working in a remote Aboriginal community in the western desert region, and most recently as a co-house parent in a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for young people in the Adelaide Hills.

Mark has a long-term interest in contemplative prayer practices, and is extremely interested in the ways in which human beings experience God as active and meaningful in their lives.  He meets people in person in both Adelaide and the Adelaide hills, or online.  Contact Mark


JacJac Gatbalite

After eight years of accompanying college students as a guidance counselor, Jac has honed her skills in retreat-giving and spiritual direction at the Center for Ignatian Spirituality, Philippines, and Kardia Formation, Australia. A passionate pilgrim and companion, Jac joined On the Third Day Renewal and Formation Center, a Christian ecumenical ministry in the Philippines, as a spiritual director and manages their programs and retreats since 2019. She also teaches in their formation programs and retreats, and she integrates art and movement into prayer. Jac is available to meet online, or you may come to visit the Philippines. Mabuhay!  Contact Jac

JoeyJoey Agripino Paul R. Galvez Jr
Joey is a formed spiritual director steeped in the Ignatian tradition being a former Jesuit himself. He recently graduated from Kardia’s Grace Upon Grace, a formation course for spiritual directors giving the Spiritual Exercises using the arts, poetry, music and creativity in giving the Exercises. He is a spiritual director for On The Third Day (OTTD), a Christian ecumenical ministry and Emmaus Center for Psycho-Spiritual Formation and Accompaniment (Emmaus) both in the Philippines. He is a certified Enneagram teacher with the Enneagram Institute. Joey is available online via Zoom, or in person at OTTD and Emmaus in the Philippines.  Contact Joey

Andrea Grant
Andrea comes to Spiritual Direction after many years of leadership in Catholic Education.  As a Spiritual Director, Andrea’s broad professional experience in staff formation enables her to offer a presence that empowers people to grow into their potential.  Andrea currently meets people for spiritual direction online.  Contact Andrea.


Christine Haag

Christine Haag
Christine’s own spiritual life is Christ-centred, as is the spiritual companionship she gives. Christine has long experience in companioning people from all walks of life, deeply respecting the individual’s life journey and personal relationship with God. Her professional expressions have included legal advocacy and mediation, practice in clinical pastoral care, community development and Christian ministry.Christine recognises the person’s need to share their unique experiences, feelings and thoughts. Being deeply listened to is healing and opens the way for movement. In the Ignatian tradition, she looks to see God in all things.Christine has post-graduate qualifications in Theology, Ignatian Spirituality, Spiritual Direction. She graduated from the Jesuit Arrupe Program and continues her formation as a giver of the full Spiritual Exercises in Kardia’s Heart Wisdom Program.  Christine is available for spiritual companionship/direction and to give the full Spiritual Exercises in daily life, in person in Melbourne and on Zoom.  Contact Christine


AngelAngel Lam

Angel is a spiritual director, she received her training in the art of spiritual direction and giving the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises from Kardia Formation, Australia. She is also an associate professor in Christian Counseling as well as a Registered Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor, Senior Counselor  and Spiritual Director at Companion LeShalom Centre (CLC) in Hong Kong. She was called to be a companion to walk with people in their spiritual and life journey. Know more about Angel http://www.leshalom.org/director/  She sees people at CLC in Hong Kong, or online via Zoom.  Contact Angel

Abraham Lim
Abraham, from Hong Kong, is a spiritual director, a pastor, and a marriage and family therapist. He graduated from the Kardia Heart Wisdom program and is interested in combining spirituality and therapy within this practice.  He sees people at his office in Hong Kong, or online via Zoom. Contact Abraham.



Chan Lin Ho
Lin Ho received her training in the art of spiritual direction and giving the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises from Kardia Formation, Australia. Having built a career in the education and training sector for over 35 years, she transitioned to coaching and then to spiritual direction after an extended period of discerning God’s call and invitation. As a credentialed coach and transition writing specialist, she has coached and supported undergraduates and executives through their personal career and life transitions. Lin Ho is based in Singapore and conducts her spiritual direction sessions in person and online via zoom.  Contact Lin.


Marlene5Marlene Marburg
Marlene is a poet and a spiritual director and was formed as a spiritual director in the Arrupe Program, Melbourne, Australia. Marlene has twelve years experience engaging with the Spiritual Exercises, spiritual direction and the formation of spiritual directors at Campion Centre of Ignatian Spirituality, and as a Senior Lecturer and Director of Student Formation at Sentir Graduate College of Spiritual Formation, and now at Kardia Formation.  Marlene sees people online via Zoom. Contact Marlene


Bernie Smile faceBernadette Miles
Bernie trained in spiritual direction and theology after twenty years of computer consulting and business management and has a special interest in formation of apostolic leadership and applying the concepts of Ignatian Spirituality to organisational development.  Bernie sees people at her home office in Pakenham Victoria, or online via Zoom.    Contact Bernie.


Julie Mitchell
Julie was formed as a spiritual director in the Ignatian tradition in Kardia’s Heart Wisdom program. Julie has had extensive involvement in the field of Education as a teacher and leader in secondary schools and as a lecturer and Clinical Specialist in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. Julie sees people at her home office in Clifton Hill. Contact Julie.


Stephen Nash
Stephen has spent much of his career in Catholic Education where he has, with others, grappled  with the nature of the spiritual life for both adults and young people. He trained with Kardia in the Ignatian tradition. He still works in Catholic Education where this Ignatian essence is infused into the formation of leaders and teachers. Stephen continues to see people for spiritual direction, some in education, some not. Contact Steve.   Steve’s Website


Peter O’Neil
Peter has been both a primary and secondary school teacher for many decades. He has a degree in theology and has been Faith and Mission leader for over 20 years. Peter also currently holds the position of Deputy Principal in Catholic secondary education. He teaches Religious Education and Drama with a special interest in incorporating dramatic elements in RE practice and liturgy. He also looks for ways that Spiritual Direction can assist in his Catholic school workplace for the benefit of staff and students. Peter sees people at his home or via online meetings. Contact Peter


DivineDivine Pancha
Divine completed her Spiritual Direction training in the Ignatian Tradition in Kardia’s Heart Wisdom Program in 2021. She has taught migrants, refugees and asylum seekers for more than 20 years . She has recently completed the Introductory Course in  the Bonny Method in Guided Imagery and Music.She is interested in integrating  music and the arts in her practice. Divine sees people at St. Agatha’s Parish in Cranbourne, Victoria,Australia and online through zoom.  Contact Divine.
KarenKaren Penn
Karen has actively pursued personal and professional growth by participating in the prayer for inner healing training program offered by Ellel Ministries in Sydney.  Karen has also trained as a Spiritual Director through Kardia’s Heart Wisdom program. This experience further enhanced her ability to support and guide individuals in their spiritual journeys. Karen possesses a passion for walking alongside others, offering them encouragement and companionship as they deepen their relationship with God. She finds great inspiration in the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to guide others through the transformative 30-week journey. Karen offers personal meetings in physical and virtual settings, using Zoom.  Her warm and compassionate approach ensures that individuals feel welcomed and supported throughout their spiritual exploration.  Contact Karen


Lynda Wyles

Lynda is a spiritual director and giver of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises having been formed through the Kardia Heart Wisdom program.  Lynda brings to spiritual direction many years of experience working in spiritual care in the healthcare setting including in leadership roles.  Lynda offers spiritual direction online via Zoom. Contact Lynda 


AnitaAnita Yap
Anita is a spiritual director formed in the Ignatian tradition. She received her formation with the Lanteri Centre for Ignatian Spirituality and Kardia Formation. While the Ignatian spirituality has been providing guide-posts for Anita’s growth in her personal friendship with Jesus, she also draws much inspiration and guidance from Carmelite and Franciscan spirituality. Her calling towards spiritual direction is a culmination of many grace-filled years of being spiritually fed and nurtured by God’s loving presence in silent retreats and having been accompanied by spiritual directors who supported her discernment and journey of surrender to God’s plan for her life. In her professional career, Anita has been coaching leaders and facilitating leadership and organisational development since 2005 when she transited out of employment to running her own consultancy. She is married with 4 children and based in Singapore. She offers spiritual direction over zoom and in face-to-face sessions. Contact Anita