Kardia Formation

Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential


Kardia was established as a response to the increasing number of people who desire spiritual formation.  It is our experience that many have found it difficult for one reason or another, to remain within mainstream Christian religious groups, and would like to seek community nevertheless.  Whatever your experience of church, you are welcome at Kardia especially to explore and grow spiritual dimensions of yourself within the context of wholeness.

At Kardia we offer companionship of empowerment for women and men through spiritual direction, Spiritual Exercises, supervision, and various programs for personal and leadership development. We invite people who seek creative ways of deepening their interior awareness and we provide opportunities for transformation towards meaningful and lasting change.

Brief explanation of ‘kardia’ καρδία (Gk feminine noun)[1]

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Kardia formation provides opportunities to develop spirituality, retreats, and for spiritual direction.

If you dare
to put your heart in there
it will catch fire
and when hearts are aflame
there is an exposition
no more daring
just sparks of the dream
showering stardust

 Although ‘kardia’ καρδία (Gk feminine noun) is literally translated from the Greek word as ‘heart’, in the scriptures, kardia does not refer to the heart as the organ which animates the blood supply to the body. Rather it speaks poetically of the centre and seat of life in a person. So, kardia finds both origin and meaning in the Kardia-life which continually awakens desire to be who we really are in the Presence of the One who knows and loves who we really are.

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